Located in Ören, Muğla, at the coast of Gökova Gulf. Gökova Gulf has no fishing activities and has a special environmental protection. We produce healthy eggs and juveniles at highest quality from elite brood stocks of sea bream and sea bass. Our production capacity is 19 million seabass and seabream fry per year.
Hatko Aquaculture is the first fish farming company using offshore cage facilities for sea bream and sea bass in Turkey. Its production volume increases year by year thanks to its state-of-the-art technology and strict dedication to quality paired with its production experience and operational background.
Offshore facilities
HATKO cage systems have a sea depth of 55-60 meters and are 2 miles away from the coast and other cage operators and consist of 4 units. Our fish are only fed from reputable, exclusively high-quality, special and natural feed.

About us

When we entered the aquaculture sector in 1991, our dream was to work at full production capacity. Our stable growth over the years helped us build our first hatchery in Ören. In time we reached an annual production capacity of 4000 metric tons and made our dreams come true.

We derive our strength from our joint work and efforts.


On May 2020, we got a preliminary license for increasing our hatchery’s annual capacity from 15 million to 19.5 million. The production volume will be increased once the changes in the project are complete.


Hatko employs certain working methods to minimize its impact on environment and natural resources, while manufacturing healthy and high-quality aquaculture products. Accordingly, it duly complies with the internationally recognized GlobalGAP and ASC standards.


Our hatchery belonging to Hatko Aquaculture is located in the Gulf of Gökova, it has a protection status and the sea depth is 60 meters where our cages are located. It is located in such deep and extremely clean water.

Our vision is to carefully monitor the changes in consumer demands and market conditions, ensure that our technology is the state of the art considering the international developments in science, and become one of the leaders in the aquaculture sector in Turkey in terms of international demand, quality and social responsibility. We have a well-educated and experienced team, and our mission is to produce healthy and high-quality sea bass and sea bream in accordance with the most recent quality, environment and social responsibility standards recognized around the world.

Quality in Seafood




HATKO, as associated partner, together with 12 partners Universities and institutes from EU countries, Western Balkans, and the Republic of…
Renovation works

Renovation works

We started the renovation of our hatchery in 2019, and completed it in the earlier months of 2020, modernizing, and…
Our new logistics vessel (hatko deniz)

Our new logistics vessel (hatko deniz)

Our new logistics vessel (HATKO DENIZ) was commissioned in 2020. We are now self-sufficient in terms of logistics.