Hatko has adopted working methods to minimize the effects on environment and natural resources during the production processes of safe, healthy and high quality aquaculture products and applies them under the framework of sustainability.
For this, it carries out its activities in accordance with the internationally recognized GlobalGAP and ASC standards. During the activities, impacts on the environment are evaluated and necessary measurements and actions are taken to keep these at the minimum.
For this purpose; In order to protect the natural habitat, local biodiversity and the structure and function of the ecosystem, measurements are made and criteria are monitored, including water quality, benthic impacts and biodiversity, critical and sensitive habitats and species interaction, predatory species in and around the operation site.
In order to protect the health and genetic structure of the natural population, it produces its own offspring from the rootstocks developed by natural breed selection without including non-native or transgenic species in production and measures are taken to prevent them from escaping to nature.
In order to use resources in an environmentally efficient and responsible manner, traceability and transparency of terrestrial or marine raw materials in all feeds used in production are ensured, and efficient and optimized special diets are used. Mitigation measures are developed by monitoring waste management, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
In the whole production process, vaccination against diseases and preventive measures for fish health are meticulously implemented.
In addition, in accordance with the social responsibility criteria, maximum care is taken to respect the personal rights of employees and to contribute to the welfare of the society.



"There were no fish escape in 2020. In case of fish escape, the local government and the ASC committee will be informed immediately and a public announcement will be placed on our website.In the fish we produced in 2020, we have an unexplained loss of 0.47% due to counting technology. Again in the same year, no predator deaths were experienced in our facilities. In case of occurrence, the competent authorities and the ASC committee will be informed."